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Many people have written Bangkok off as a grotty and seedy place best avoided, so may be surprised to learn that the city has yet again been awarded the prestigious Travel & Leisure magazine's "Best City in the World" award - for the 3rd year running, click here for more.

Whilst Bangkok’s Thai name nowadays is ‘Krung-thep’, which means ‘city of angels’, its original name was … Bangcok.

This meant ‘village of plums favoured by boars’. There aren’t so many boars, angels or plum trees in modern Bangkok, but this most effervescent of cities, after its recent sprucing up, does have a lot else to offer the visitor.
Whilst Bangkok’s imfamous pollution is still a problem, the government’s massive investment in public transport and encouragement of the use of LPG to power vehicles has improved the environment considerably over the last few years. 80% of buses and taxis run on liquid gas, meaning that it is now possible to enjoy walking the city's streets.

You can now get from the airport to most of the best hotel zones in an hour, even in rush hour. This has made a big difference to the 'where-to-stay' decision, as the boring airport hotels are now only necessary for the shortest of stopovers.

Bangkok is no longer the city where almost anything goes, but not quite everything works: all those tourist dollars have improved the infrastructure considerably.

More affluent travelers will have a great time sampling Bangkok’s futuristic clubs, luxury hotels, super-chic spas and novel eateries, but it is not necessary to have deep pockets to enjoy Bangkok.

Eating a bowl of duck noodle soup on a street corner, with the din and waft of street life pulsing all around you in this most cheerful and friendly of cities, is in its way just as satisfying an experience as a meal in the most suave of Bangkok’s swish eateries.

While the floating market has become a tourist trap, the Royal Palace is still glorious. The palace is for most visitors the number one attraction to recommend, followed in importance by a dinner cruise down the river, followed by some shopping or night-clubbing.

Things To Do

Grand Palace   River Cruise   Eating
Nightlife   Shopping   People Watching
Golf   Fishing   Crocodile Farm
Thai Boxing   Floating Markets   Tiger Temple



Before choosing a hotel, you have to choose the district you want to stay in. Unless you are on a tight schedule, you should forget the boring airport district and take a taxi into the city for the night. There, choose from one of the districts described after the following hotels table.

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Hotel Name.  Location.  Price. Show only
Oriental Bang Rak $$$$$ recommended
Shangri-La Bang Rak $$$$$
Sokhothai Sathorn $$$$$ recommended
Centara Grande Rachaprasong $$$$$
Rembrandt Asoke $$$$
Vie Hotel Siam Square $$$$ recommended
Amari Watergate Pratunam $$$$ recommended
President Solitaire Nana $$$$ recommended
Pathumwan Princess Siam Square $$$$
President Palace Nana $$$$
Sofitel Silom Silom $$$$ recommended
Grand President Nana $$$$
Amari Boulevard Nana $$$$
Ramada Nana $$$ recommended
Royal President Asoke $$$ recommended
Aetas Hotel Nana $$$
Adelphi Suites Nana $$$
Fraser Suites Nana $$$
Furama Xclusive Sathorn Sathorn $$$
Aspen Suites Nana $$$
Furama Xclusive Silom Silom $$$
Siam at Siam Siam Square $$$
On Eight Nana $$$
Furama Xclusive Sukhumvit Nana $$$
Kingston Suites Asoke $$$
Silom Triple Two Silom $$$
Marriott Apartments Sathorn Sathorn $$$
Navalai Riverside Khao Sarn $$$
Legacy Express Nana $$
Villa Cha Cha Khao Sarn $$ recommended
Silom City Silom $$
Vieng Thai Khao Sarn $$
Riverside Hotel Khao Sarn $$
Erawan Guest House Khao Sarn $
New Siam Khao Sarn $
Wild Orchid Khao Sarn $

Often voted the best hotel in the world.

This 5 star resort lacks the 'wow' factor

Exquisite taste and understated, Thai-style opulence

Boring rooms in a boring area

This large, quality hotel offer one room type that is reasonable value

The best value luxury in bangkok

The best value in town for a huge corner suite, this hotel is highly recommended.

Huge, classy Thai-style suites at reasonable prices

Good base for shopping

Unexceptional hotel in fun Nana

Family friendly pricing and great views

Reasonably priced, but the decor is a bit boring

The Deluxe Terrace room type is the only interesting options in this rather overpriced hotel.

The lovely pool-side garden is the highlight of this new and well-designed hotel

Stylish suites at reasonable prices

Good value for money is the main draw in this new hotel.

This reasonably good value hotel's highlight is its pleasant street-side restaurant.

Good value for large suites in this fun place to stay.

Reasonable value for money in a boring district


Undergoing renovation, so to be avoided at the moment

This trendy hotel may suit the younger visitors who can afford the steep prices

Claustrophobic, windowless, overpriced rooms

Unremarkable but reasonably priced hotel

Immaculate rooms in a trendy style, but rather high prices

Unexceptional hotel in seedy Silom

Boring rooms in a boring area

Best value quality river view rooms in fun Khao Sarn zone

Ugly but clean and inexpensive hotel in fun Nana zone.

Best value in Khao Sarn

Disgusting and dicrepit old flea-pit

This hotel has seen better days, and is overdue for renovation or demolition.

Great for people who don't care about getting any sleep

Good budget choice

Good budget choice in fun Khao Sarn

Horrible rooms, great lobby


  • Nana - this is the most convenient zone for the airport, which is a maximum of one hour away. Nana offers lots of accommodation options, excellent restaurants and night-clubs (especially the Bed Supper Club and the Q Bar), and is fairly close to most of the main shopping malls. Like most zones, Nana has its very own girly-bar scene, but this can easily be avoided.
  • Asoke - in Asoke are located the Robinsons department store and also the infamous Soi Cowboy girly bar zone, which thankfully can easily be avoided. It is not far from the entertainment zone at Nana, and is only ten minutes further away from the airport than is Nana zone.
  • Siam Square - this is one of the best places to stay for shopping, as it is not far from the night market at Patong (if you can manage to ignore the bars where more than alcohol is on sale), and also close to the huge Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery and MBK malls. It is convenient for the airport one hour away, and not far from the night-life scene at Nana, a ten minute taxi ride away after rush hour finishes.
  • Pratunam - this is a good place to stay for ladies who want to get some solid and affordable clothes shopping in, as it contains the Platinum Mall, which has over 3,000 clothes shops inside. Pantip Plaza, Bangkok's best electronics mall, is only a few metres away, so men can check out boys' toys while their ladies clothes shop. It only takes 5 minutes in a night-time taxi to reach the best entertainment spots at Nana, and this zone is only an hour from the airport, even in rush hour.
  • Bang Rak - this exclusive riverside area is home to the classic Oiental hotel. There is no particular nightlife scene within walking distance, and the shopping is stratospherically expensive - the River City and Oriental Arcade shopping malls both cater exclusively to those with the big bucks.
  • Khao Sarn - this zone, centred on the famous Khao Sarn Road, is Bangkok's budget accommodation centre. There are no quality, good value places to stay in this zone 2 hours from the airport in the rush hour. Whatever you do don't stay on Khao Sarn road itself, as the guest houses are poor value for money and often in a neglected and sorry state. It is best to stay in one of the nearby streets. Khao Sarn is a fun place to watch the world do by.
  • Rachaprasong - this business district has no particularly interesting restaurants or nightlife to offer, and is not particularly conveniently located for the airport.
  • Sathorn - this business district is 90 minutes from the airport in rush hour and has little to offer the traveller.
  • Silom - this mainly business district is also home to the notorious Patpong girly bar zone. The night market at Patpong sells mainly junk, and there are no good respectable nightspots nearby. It doesn't take long to get to the Nana entertainment zone in an evening taxi, but is does take a fair while to reach the airport from Silom (up to an hour and a half), making this an unattractive option for an overnight stay. This isn't a great place to stay if you want to go shopping.


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