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Vie Hotel, Bangkok

Independent Review

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Hotel lobbies are not usually places where people like to tarry, but few travellers find themselves impatient when checking in at the Vie Hotel, as the lobby is an interesting and stylish place to spend time, as the cooly sophisticated air of silk and orchids is very appealing.

Ladies will enjoy the non-stop fashion on show on a large TV, while gents will enjoy the non-stop fashion models on show.

Extensive use of burnished and gleaming hardwoods raise the tone in this gorgeous hotel in Siam Square zone, which can lay claim to offering the best value in Bangkok for those who want a stylish and graceful luxury hotel with an Asian feel.

Even the corridors are minor works of art in this ultimately elegant establishment.

The shining hardwoods are beautifully complemented by brushed silk wallpaper, tastefull carpetting, muted wall lights and spotlights highlighting the contemporary Asian artwork on the walls.

These modern pieces lend a 21st century feel to what would otherwise be an essay in 19th century elegance.

The aromatically enticing spa offers some interesting treatments for couples as well as singles.

A piano in the corner of the hotel's main restaurant lends comfort to the ear, while the tastebuds get looked after by a team of chefs who in 2010 won a Tatler Thailand award as being one of the best in the country.

From the pool you can waive at passing skytrain passengers, while in the pool-side bar there is a pool table.

One floor below is a live music venue.

The image to the left is of the colly elegant spa.




Everything about the tastefull rooms in this stylish hotel breathes style and whispers taste.

While luxury and opulence are not to unusual in Bangkok hotel rooms, what is most unusual about these rooms is their price tag, which is agreeably low.

With either the Deluxe or Grand Deluxe units you can choose a unit which offers a sunset view.


Deluxe 41 sqm

The stylish and spacious rooms all offer good views through their celing-to-floor windows, oversized bathrooms, lots of gleaming hardwood, and an oversized chaise longue next to the window that provides a great spot from which to watch the world go by far below.
While these Deluxe rooms are a quality option, travellers are recommended to try to find the extra funds to book a Grand Deluxe instead, as these are not so much more expensive, but are much bigger.


Grand Deluxe 81sqm

These are the best value units in the hotel and offer some of the best value for money in Bangkok for those who like a really stylish suite.

The Vie sense of sylish elegance is beautifully expressed in these suites, where the contrast provided by different hardwoods also complements the richly coloured silk cushions with which the units are festooned.

Each unit has enough cushions for not one football team, but two to have a pillow fight.

All these cushions are needed for the 2 large sofas and 5 chairs in the suites' living rooms.

In the bedroom the choice of spots to get comfortable continues with an oversized chaise longue next to the window providing an alternative to the bed and enough space for 2 people to watch the activity on the street below. The spacious opulence coninues in the bathroom, which provides a bathtub big enough for 2 people, and a shower big enough for 4.

These suites are a great family option. Two children under 12 can sleep on the 2 sofas (you only pay for their breakfasts) while an extra bed can be easily added for an older child. Parents have their own TV in their bedroom, so they don't have to put up with their childrens' viewing choice in the living room TV, but often do, as the living room is such a comfortable and cosy place for family comfort. Parents can close their bedroom door at night-time, and so get some private adult time to themselves.

Some of these suites are located on the corners of the building, meaning that they get great views from 4 huge ceiling-to-floor windows. For fans of corner suites offering great views, these suites are a superb choice. If a corner unit is not available, travellers are still advised to book one of these units, as the units not on the corners still get great views throught huge windows.

Family Option

For larger families, it is possible to book a Grand Deluxe and a Deluxe room, and make them into a private apartment independant of the rest of the hotel. The 2 units are located at the end of corridors, and there is a door that can be closed, to close off the rooms at the end of the corridor from the rest of the hotel. This provides one of Bangkok's most stylish and spacious, yet still relatively affordable options for families.



The above rates are net per room per night and inclusive of service charge and breakfast for 2 people.

Hotel website: click here. Click here for more on Bangkok, here for holiday packages, here for other destinations.


Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 23/8 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Thailand


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