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Paradise Resort, Koh Yao Noi

Independent Review

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Lowest Price Guarantee - we promise to beat any Paradise price you can find anywhere online by 5%.

The superb Paradise Resort on the pristine island of Koh Yao Noi is perhaps the best resort on the Andaman Coast for those looking for a luxury hideaway honeymoon resort in an unspoiled destination. Click here for a market-beating luxury romance package.

The resort lies at the end of a dirt track, all by itself, 7 km from the rest of the island.

Whether the resort’s location at the end of the dirt track is a joy or a pain depends on the traveler.

If you are comfortable and safe riding a motorbike on a dirt track up and down steep high hills, then you will probably love it, but otherwise you are not advised to rent a motorbike and learn off-road bike-riding here – better to do it back home, where it won’t spoil your holiday if you fall off.

You can also get from the Paradise Resort to the rest of the island by boat, but this can become a pain if you just want to pop out for a meal in one of the island’s few but good restaurants, as most of the restaurants can only be reached by road, meaning that you will need to organize a taxi as well as a boat ride – both ways.

Most honeymooners are perfectly happy to go nowhere at all, except on water-borne daytrips out into the gorgeous Phang Nga archipelago.

For many people, a week at the Paradise is enough, as after that long they begin to feel a bit cut off.

The resort is isolated, but it has to be one of the best spots in Thailand to be marooned. It has its own private beach, nestling beneath lofty crags which contain the best new beach rock-climbing routes in Thailand. As well as great climbing, we can organize superb kayaking, snorkeling and deep water soloing trips, with the pick-ups direct from the beach and the day-trips’ destinations not too far from the resort.

The Paradise Resort’s location at the northern tip of Koh Yao Noi island make it the nearest resort on Koh Yao Noi to the world-famous kayaking sites in Phang Nga bay. This is a very real benefit, as if you stay here you will be able to visit the sites and then leave before they are inundated, in high season, by hordes of Phuket-based visitors.

With a back-drop of towering jungle-clad cliffs, the 7 year-old Paradise Resort is fronted by a broad vista of the karst islands of Phang Nga archipelago rearing sheer from the deep-blue depths of the Andaman Sea.

The only thing separating the resort from its private beach is a broad swathe of fine sand shaded by lofty palms, which provide welcome shade for visitors playing boule, or lounging in the comfortable hammocks strung between the palms.

An archetypical beach resort, the Paradise’s thatched buildings are built in a back-to-nature style that blends harmoniously with the sea and beach landscape, and are impressively appointed and equipped within.

Nestling in its own secluded bay, the Paradise resort is embraced but not enveloped by the lush jungle foliage all around.


Paradise Resort - Food & Spa

The weight of opinion among contributors on is that the food here is very good.

We at Andaman Adventures stayed at the resort in June 2012 for an inspection visit and were very impressed with the food. The spa is also a quality one.

It should be noted that the resort does not have enough restaurants and top-notch facilities to fully qualify as a 5-star resort - the location is 6 star, the rooms 5-star, the service 5-star, the shared facilities, while excellent, can only be classed as 4-star as there is not enough variety.



All the room types at the Paradise Resort are immaculately presented and tastefully furnished and decorated.

Top-View Villa

The upstairs floor of the building atop the hill contains one villa, the downstairs another. They are somewhat expensive, except when occupied by families. This isn't an obvious family resort, however, as parents can't easily take their children out of the resort, so most children will get bored after a while, and parents will get bored too, of them demanding pizza. topview villa
topview villa The downstairs villa is not as impressive as the breath-taking upstairs one, and both are located a stiff hike up from the resort – many visitors will want to ask reception to ferry them up the hill in one of the resort’s golf buggies.


Beach-front Pool Villa

These are very special bungalows, located right on the Paradise Resort’s private beach.

The Plunge Pool Deluxe (see below for more) is about half the price and some of them have private jacuzzis, making them a better value choice for most people than a Beach-front Pool Villa.

pool villa
pool villa

The resort offers free upgrades to honeymooners, subject to availability. Some of our honeymooners turn down a free upgrade from Plunge Pool Deluxe to Beach-front Pool Villa, even though the latter bungalow type costs almost twice as much, as the Plunge Pool Deluxe offer privacy.


Well-equipped with bars, swing-seats, plunge pools and loungers, the Beach-front Pool Villas will disappoint only the uber-pampered.


pool villa
pool villa


The décor is tasteful and complements the natural scene beautifully.



Plunge Pool Deluxe

Honeymooners are advised to click on the image to the right for a closer look at these wonderful bungalows.

The best of these rooms are:

  • a 5 minute climb to get to (guests can get dropped off by golf buggy)
  • offer superb sea views from the rooms and the jacuzzi / plunge pools located on their terraces
  • are completely private, even on the terraces
  • are single storey, semi-detached bungalows
  • recommended for everybody - people who have a problem with the short walk up the hill can get a golf buggy ride up.
jacuzzi deluxe

There are two areas of the resort that contain Plunge Pool Deluxe units. The above points characterise the units in the best area. The units in the worst area of the resort are as follows:

  • not much of a climb to get to
  • no significant sea view
  • are located in the downstairs part of one-up, one-down buildings
  • not so private
  • not recommended so highly

The best Plunge Pool Deluxe rooms are sensational, but this doesn't mean that the rooms that are not so well located as no good. All the Plunge Pool Deluxe units, without exception, offer a superb setting for romance.

These rooms are deservedly a very popular choice with honeymooners, whether they are on their first honeymoon, their third honeymoon or their thirty-third honeymoon. They offer complete privacy and lots of different spots for honeymoon games: the oversized bed, the jacuzzi / plunge pool, the rain shower, the daybed, the large swingseat and the loungers.

They have such great views, are so well equipped, so private and so well suited for romantic assignations that, for the price charged, we believe that there is no better choice for hideaway romance anywhere else on the whole Andaman Coast.

In the jacuzzi / plunge pool, the water can be switched to hot, so couples can have a hot jacuzzi, even when its raining. Many honeymooners, however, keep the jacuzzi on cool, to stop themselves getting overheated.

After waking up, maybe toss a coin with your other half to see who should get out of bed, open the curtains and put on the kettle, then jump back into bed again to enjoy the magnificent view of the Andaman Sea. Behind a light screen of lush foliage lies the sea, lapping the shores of the sun-kissed beach and forming a scene that will enchant all but the most blasé of eyes.

For stays of 3 nights or longer in a Plunge Pool Deluxe, we offer a spa session and a romantic dinner, which are worth THB 7,800, completely free - click here for our market-beating luxury romance package, which is only available on this website.

Jacuzzi Studio

These rooms require a bit of a climb to reach, and are not recommended for people with mobility issues.

For reasonably fit people, they offer a private and romantic place in which to get intimate. The jacuzzi-with-a-view is a particularly seductive spot. They are built in blocks of 4, 2-up and 2-down, with the best views being from the top floor rooms.

The best of these rooms have a partial sea view (the sea is visible through foliage). We know which room numbers have the best views and will request one of these for you.


These are a reasonable choice. The Jacuzzi Studios are only a little more expensive, though, so most people are recommended to go for one of those instead (or even better, one of the fabulous Jacuzzi Deluxes).


These Superior rooms are set in three different locations in the resort.

These area are as follows:

Rooms 353, 354, 363, 364, 373 & 374 are as follows:

  • the upstairs part of a one-up, one-down building
  • significant climb to get to
  • reasonable view

Rooms 211 to 232 are recommended for people who don't want a 5 minute climb to get to their room and are as follows:

  • single storey semi-detached bungalows
  • close to everything
  • no significant view
  • easy to get to.

Rooms 311 to 344 are not recommended for anybody and are as follows:

  • built 4 to a building, 2-up and 2-down
  • no significant views
  • not as easy as the preceding set of Superior rooms to get to



Lowest Price Guarantee - we promise to beat any Paradise price you can find anywhere online by 5%. The prices below are guideline prices only, in practice we will always give you lower prices than these.

The above rates are net per room per night and inclusive of service charge and breakfast for 2 people.

High season promotion, stay 5 nights, get two nights free. Compulsory breakfast on free nights - THB 800. The Hill Top Pool Villa excluded from this promotion.

Low season promotion, stay a night, get one free, minimum paid nights' stay 4 nights. Compulsory breakfast on free nights - THB 600. The Hill Top Pool Villa excluded from this promotion.

In addition, on this site we offer the following free benefits:

  • Airport transfers from Phuket to/from Bang Rong pier (the access pier from Phuket to Koh Yao Noi) at only THB 500 for a taxi or THB 1,000 for a minivan.
  • Transfers from Krabi to/from Ao Thalane pier at only THB 500 for a car and THB 1,000 for a minivan.
  • Transfers from Ao Nang to/from Ao Thalane pier at only THB 500 for a car and THB 1,000 for a minivan.
  • You will be able to take advantage of unlimited travel advice before arrival – we know southern Thailand intimately and so can organize all your accommodation, travel, sports and activities. This personalized and customized service comes at no extra cost to you – we get our commissions from hotels and activity/transport providers, not from you.

Hotel website: Click here for more on Koh Yao Noi, here for holiday packages, here for other destinations.

Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 454/2 Moo 1, Ao Nang, Thailand



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