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Seven Seas Resort, Koh Kradan

Independent Review

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This wonderful hotel is a good candidate for being the best 4 star Robinson Crusoe-style resort on the whole Andaman coast. The only other resort which offers a beachfront setting on such a pristine beach is the Paradise Resort on Koh Yao Noi.

The Seven Seas resort is fronted by the most stunning beachscape many guests will have ever seen - from the (plentiful) beach loungers in front of the pool, your view is unobstructed loveliness - a squeaky clean white sand beach, then emerald waters, then the deeper blue of the deeper waters beyond, then the silhouettes of karst islands rearing majestically from the sea.

The sea right in front of the resort is reasonably good for snorkelling. Exotic fish are on display, although the coral is not as healthy as it was. That said, there are almost no right-off-the-beach snorkelling spots left in Thailand, you have to take a daytrip to get to the best snorkelling spots now. An interesting daytrip to take from the Seven Seas is to the Emerald cave, taking in a couple of snorkel spots along the way.

The food is excellent here and is reasonably priced. There were few ways we could fault the Seven Seas, but in an imperfect world even this oasis of peace and beauty has its faults - the breakfast bread isn't impressive, but an in-resort bakery can only be expected in a 5 star resort. A good idea, when travelling to the Seven Seas, is to bring a large loaf of bakery bread with you. Our only other small niggle at this resort was that the toilets behind the bar were rather substandard - this isn't actually a problem though, as your room's toliet is only a maximum of 2 minutes's walk away.

The Seven Seas is a small resort which never feels crowded, even in peak season. This gives guests a pleasant feeling of having escaped the mass tourism concrete box hotels which so many people spend their holidays in, never knowing that better options exist. The service can be a little slow, so it's a good idea to order your food before you are starving hungry. The breakfasts are good, with the caveat mentioned above about the disappointing bread.

The shared areas of the resort are attractively presented and complemented by lush jungle foliage, creating a beautiful oasis of tranquility which most people find truly captivating.



The rooms are immaculate, tastefully decorated, well-equipped, have pleasant balconies and are quiet at night. The room rates are reasonably priced for the standard. This is, quite simple, a great place to stay. All units have large and well-equipped bathrooms with open-air gardens attached, ideal to dispel the smelliest of far**. All rooms have 8 foot beds - arab sheiks are at first delighted, then displeased when they realise they have to pay an extra bed charge for the second wife, whether she occupies the extra bed or not.


We don't recommend this room type. While it is exactly the same in layout and amenities as the Premium Deluxe, there is one big difference: the Deluxe are on the ground floor and the Premium Deluxe are on the first floor. Some of the Deluxe suffer from privacy problems, whereas most of the Premiun Deluxe units offer partial sea views and none suffer from privacy issues.

Premium Deluxe

These are excellent value for the standard offered. Tasteful decor, immaculate clenliness and very comfortable beds combine to make these an excellent choice.

Some of these rooms offer partial sea views.

We know which ones these are and can request one of the better rooms for you.


Villa Siam

We didn't like these villas much. They are semi-detached and all have partial and reasonably good seaviews, but the sea views are not so good as to make you want to spend significant time on your terrace, you might as well take the minute to walk to the beach and get the ful-on sea view available from there.

Inside the villas there is a rather gloomy atmosphere, and these villas lack the wow factor of the more expensive Santi and Siri villas.


Villa Siri

These absolute beachfront villas are hard to beat for value, style or for location. The beadrooms face the sea, just a few unobstructed steps away. The front and both sides of the bedrooms are built with floor-to-ceiling glazed walls, giving the occupant the feeling of being right on the beach, which is an accurate feeling, because that is exactly where they are.

For occupancy by 3 adults (note that a 12 year old child counts as an adult) an extra bed is always provided and charged for. A child under 12 can share the 8 foot bed, in which case only an extra breakfast charge applies.

It is also possible to add a sofa bed, so these units can accomodate a family of 5, provided the children are young enough.

Each unit has an outdoor sala, which is big enough for 4 adults and is a great spot for relaxation. The best of these units are the ones furthest from reception. We can request one of these for you, as we know what the best room numbers are.

These units come highly recommended - we have visited all the best resorts on this coastline and know of no better absolute beachfront villas in a Robinson Crusoe-style 4 star resort.


Villa Santi

Newly built and almost identical to the Villa Siri, these villas are more expensive than the Siri villas, for no worthwhile reason. OK, so the writing desk/bedhead is made of marble not wood like in the Siri. OK, so the cupboards are a bit bigger in the Santi. Our advice is to save your money and book a Siri - the only valid reason to book a Santi, in our opinion, is if a Siri is unavailable.




Click here for more on Koh Kradan.


Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 23/8 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Thailand




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