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Thai Honeymoons off the Beaten Track

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Yes, 'off the beaten track' is a bit of a cliche, but that is exactly what we specialise in. If you want to go and stay in a big hotel in one of Thailand's biggest destinations, then this isn't the website for you.

If, on the other hand, you like your romance a bit more private, then read on.
We cover all the Thai Andaman Coast destinations, and as a local company we know them all intimately. We know which the best resorts are, which the best room types are, and even which the best room numbers are. So if you want to avoid a room next to a blaring nighclub or a smelly sewer, we can help.
All our itineraries are fully customisable, to give you exactly the honeymoon that meets your requirements. To take advantage of our free custom-designing service for honeymoons, contact us.



These are the four most romantic destinations on the Andaman Coast:
  • Koh Lanta - Kantiang beach won an award as Thailand's best beach as recently as 2009, from the Sunday Times, and is home to the fabulous Pimalai Resort. If Pimalai busts your budget, LaLaanta resort offers an excellent alternative
  • Koh Yao Noi - this laid-back, pristine island will make any nature lover swoon with delight and is home to the region's best value romantic retreat, Paradise resort.
  • Khao Sok - Thailand's best inland destinations has one almost impossible romantic treehouse - and we know where it is, click here to check out the Treehouse resort.
  • Ao Nang & Railay. If you have time, one of these more lively destinations is a good addition to your itinerary.



12 night Luxury Beach Honeymoon Package.

Have you been put off multi-destination holidays because you don't want to waste time or brain-power on the transfers ?

With our 3-destination headline honeymoon the transfers have been turned into fun days out, click here to find out more.

Our headline honeymoon combines three affordable luxury beach resorts into a 12 night itinerary. This holiday sandwiches a livelier destination between 2 quiet ones, to offer changes of pace in your honeymoon and banish boredom.

The very best daytrips in the Andaman region are included in the itinerary. Click here for more details on our Luxury Beach Honeymoon.


12 night Pimalai & Paradise Honeymoon Package.

This is our offering for couples who want to visit 2 beach destinations on their honeymoon.

It combines stays at the Andaman region's two best resorts.

Lots of romantic beachfront dinners and spa sessions are included, plus a few gentle daytrips.

Click here for more on our Pimalai and Paradise package


10 night Koh Lanta Luxury Honeymoon Package

Some honeymooners, however, just want to spend their whole, or almost their whole holiday, in one extremely lovely place, and for these lovebirds we offer our Lanta Honeymoon package.

This package is based at Pimalai resort on Koh Lanta, which gets our vote for the most romantic resort on the Andaman coast. We offer unbetable prices at this, arguably Thailand's best beach resort.


12 night Nature Lovers Package.

We offer all the activities available in southern Thailand, from snorkelling to island hopping, to kayaking, climbing, fishing and diving.

Our 12 night nature lover's honeymoon is appropriate for anyone who wants to get away from the crowds and the concrete, and contains a few less strenuous daytrips. More activities can be added to raise the adrenaline quotient.

The nature lover's honeymoon visits 3 destinations, and is appropriate for people who like to travel to different places on holiday, but not pack too many destinations into too short a time.


3 night Romance Packages

We have negotiated market-beating rates at the region's top two resorts Pimalai on Koh Lanta and Paradise on Koh Yao Noi.


Custom Designed Honeymoons

Whether you want to take it easy or pump up the adrenaline factor, we have a honeymoon to suit you, provided you want to get away from the big destinations - we don't offer honeymoon packages in overdeveloped destinations like Phuket.

For those who would like a custom itinerary, contact us and we will be happy to oblige with a holiday designed to fill your exact requirements.
This service is entirely free of cost and obligation, so if you're planning a honeymoon, what have you got to lose - ask the local experts for the perfect itinerary for your honeymoon.

Whether you want to add in big game fishing, ATV riding, rock climbing, deep water soloing, kayaking, snorkelling, diving, bungee jumoing, elephant trekking, cooking, trekking or golf, we can do it - whatever your requirements, provided they don't include snow-skiing, we know the best options to choose.

Maybe more cultural activities like market and/or temple visits are your style ? No problem, just ask the experts, us - we know which the most interesting ones in the region are.


Thailand's Best Romance Packages

Click on a package to find out more:

Code Name
HMBE Luxury Beach Honeymoon
HMPP Paradise and Pimalai Ultimate Luxury Honeymoon
HMNL Nature Lover's Honeymoon
HMLA Luxury Lanta Honeymoon


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